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TERMS & CONDITIONS Defined Terms: “Expo” collectively means, the event or events, presented by the organizer Golden Future Expos “GFE” which collectively refers to its agents, affiliates, representatives, and employees. “Venue” means the location where the Expo is held. “Exhibitor” means, collectively, (i) the company or person that applied to exhibit at the Expo and each of its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, guests and invitees, as applicable. To reserve exhibit space, the Exhibitor agrees to provide GFE all of the following: a. Completed registration form & registration fee paid in full b. Signed and dated exhibitor agreement c. Complete listing of exhibit personnel Contract Acceptance: This contract becomes binding and effective only when it has been signed by the Exhibitor through online registration, e-mail, fax, or mail. We may refuse acceptance of any contract for any reason. GFE reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the Expo. GFE reserves the right to deny space to any category/industry type when a certain number of booths (decided by GFE) in that category have been reached. Assignment of Booth Space: Exhibit space assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Booth assignments will be made in the order of receipt of completed contract, required documentation and payment in full. No booth space will be held without full payment. GFE reserves the right to make alternative booth placements at any time. GFE shall be the final authority in assigning space. GFE in its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right and privilege to re-assign an exhibitor to other space without penalty should it be in the best interest of the Expo. GFE further reserves the right to add, alter or delete from the expo’s floor plan at any time in its sole discretion. Subletting of Exhibit Space: Space contracted for herein may not be transferred, assigned, sublet or shared with others without written permission of GFE and shall not promote items or services other than those sold as the regular course of business. Exhibitor Personnel: The exhibition is limited to individuals, companies, corporations, etc who have contracted and paid for booth space. Each Exhibitor shall furnish GFE with the names of its representatives. The Exhibitor and its representatives are required to wear identification badges throughout the exhibition period. The badges are not transferable and GFE reserves the right to withdraw the use of any badge used to gain admission to the Exhibition by any person other than the one for whom it was issued. Each exhibit space includes 2 representatives. Any additional representative name badges must be purchased. Booth Regulations: Exhibit material must not be set up so as to interfere with the view into adjoining booths. All materials must conform to local building, electrical, and fire department codes and regulations. Inflammable or other dangerous fluids, substances, materials, equipment or other items which is in violation of city, county or state laws or regulations shall not be used in any booth. Exhibitors must use flame-resistant decorative materials. The venue does not allow signs, decorations and related materials to be taped, tacked, stapled, nailed or otherwise affixed to painted surfaces, columns, fabrics, windows, ceiling or walls. Helium balloons are not permitted inside the venue. All labor costs associated with the removal of these items will be charged to the Exhibitor. GFE is not responsible for assistance with set-up, loading, and unloading of exhibit materials. Unless prior approval is granted, exhibits must remain set up until the close of the Expo. Exhibitors dismantling early will not be offered any special consideration for booth space at future expos and will be charged a $100 Early Dismantling & Departure Fee. Dismantling must be completed on the day of the Expo. In the event that booth space is not vacated, or items left behind by Exhibitor at the end of the Expo, GFE is authorized to remove AND discard, at the expense of the Exhibitor, all exhibits and property, and GFE shall not be liable for any damages or loss. Care of Booth Space: The Exhibitor must, at his own expense, maintain and keep in good order the exhibit space contracted. The Exhibitor shall maintain and conduct the exhibit space in a neat, clean, orderly and safe manner. The Exhibitor shall keep a representative inside during the hours of the exhibition and must leave the space in the same condition as it was before move-in. Exhibitor shall be responsible for damage to property. Exhibitor Logos: The Exhibitor grants GFE a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use and display company logo and trade name associated with the Exhibitor. Food & Beverage Sampling: To be allowed to sample food or beverage products or sell food or non-alcoholic beverage products, the Exhibitor agrees to provide to the Public Health Department a completed Temporary Food Facility (TFF) application with required payment. Only exhibitors who obtain the required approvals and permits will be allowed to sample or sell food and beverage products. State Sales Tax: Exhibitors will be responsible to collect and return all required sales taxes for taxable items. Refunds: The Exhibitor agrees to reserve exhibit booth(s) from GFE as detailed on the rate sheet. Full payment is due within 14 calendar days of submitting registration. If booth is cancelled after February 1st, 2019, no refund will be given. Under all circumstances, GFE reserves the right to re-sell any booth space cancelled by the Exhibitor. In the event that the venue is damaged or destroyed by fire, the elements, or any other cause; or if circumstances beyond GFE's control make it impossible to conduct the Expo, then GFE shall not be liable further to perform under this contract and reserves the right to cancel the Expo. In such event, the Exhibitor Fee shall be transferred to a future show date. Limitation of Liability & Insurance: Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GFE and its employees against any and all claims demands, actions, damages, loss, cost, liabilities, expenses and judgements against GFE which arise out of or are approximately caused by Exhibitor's exhibits, employees or agents. GFE does not guarantee or agree to protect Exhibitor against loss of any kind. Exhibitor recognizes and agrees that, in entering into this Contract, it is not relying on or expecting GFE to provide any type of security or protection against loss or damage of any kind and Exhibitor hereby waives any claims or causes of action relating to any such loss of damages. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to secure Exhibitor Insurance in order to protect itself and its property against any loss or damage - a minimum of $1,000,000 of General Liability with GFE, respective venue, and their respective Officers, Directors and Employees named as additional insureds. GFE is not an insurer of Exhibitor's business performance, success, attendance levels or Exhibitor's property.
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