Documentary screening

My Future Baby: Breakthroughs in Modern Fertility


As Seen On PBS…
Will be shown in the Villanova Room at 2:30pm
Run Time 56 Minutes
Producer, Writer, Director - Brigitte Mueller

Documentary - My Future Baby 2.jpg


7.3 million Americans are currently struggling with fertility issues. In November 2009, the World Health Organization classified infertility as a disease.

For those thinking about starting a family, the actual physiology behind what makes it possible to have a baby is often a mystery. And yet this knowledge can be the difference between the family of one’s dreams, and a difficult if not impossible pregnancy.

In My Future Baby, a documentary special on infertility, the viewer is taken into Santa Monica Fertility where world renowned fertility expert, Dr. John Jain, along with the top experts in the field of reproductive medicine, explains the latest breakthroughs in fertility options and procedures.

On camera, the viewer will meet women and couples currently undergoing fertility treatment in hopes of getting pregnant or preserving their fertility for the future. Advanced scientific procedures in modern fertility and their likelihood of success based on age and other health factors are explained candidly. With stunning 4D animations of inside the human body and micro-lens close-ups from the medical procedures themselves, My Future Baby illuminates fertility as it has never been seen before.


Our goal is to change lives.
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