Documentary screening

One More Shot


Start Time:  2:15pm
Location:  Room 207

ONE MORE SHOT is a raw, personal, first-hand look at the struggles of infertility and the complex issues that accompany one couple’s harrowing quest for a baby.  Impactful in its honest and unflinching look at the challenges of starting a family, the film deals with infertility in a way other projects on the subject never have.  The filmmakers, Maya Grobel Moskin and Noah Moskin, are also the subjects of the story. Shot over more than three years, the film is much more personal, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting because of its first-person point of view. Maya and Noah, a couple in their 30’s, documented their many attempts to make a baby through Alternative Reproductive Technologies, like Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IVF with donor eggs, and finally embryo donation. Along their journey, and in an attempt to find a community among the shame and silence surrounding infertility, they interviewed others who had experienced similar struggles, and found alternative ways to construct their families. Through IVF, surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, adoption, and miraculous natural conceptions, these infertility “survivors” instill a sense of hope that creating a family when all hope seems lost is possible. Throughout the hard times, comedy - however dark - is a constant, allowing the storytellers’ humor to give viewers a break from an often bleak and sad film. The ending is something that could only be written in Hollywood, except it’s absolutely true.

Nearly 8 million Americans suffer with infertility. Psychological impact surveys have shown women with infertility experience anxiety and depression similar to those diagnosed with cancer and other major illnesses. Yet, few talk about it openly and honestly. The couple want the film to give a voice to this community, and explore what it means to redefine family in an age of modern science and technology. Noah’s career as an unscripted television producer means he has the storytelling experience to pull this off. It doesn’t get much more “reality” than this.

This is a story of survival, love, determination, and family. It’s a heartwarming, often gut-wrenching, sometimes ridiculous documentary revealing the joys and pitfalls of the quest to become parents, even under the most adverse circumstances..


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