1-on-1 Consultations are FREE at the American Fertility Expo! 
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The following companies will be onsite and available for consultations:

Colorado Surrogacy, LLC - Surrogacy Matching Consultations

Cryos International USA - Sperm & Egg Bank Consultations

Episona Inc. - Sperm Testing Consultations

Fertile Mindset - Fertility Support Consultations Focusing on the Emotional Aspects of your Fertility Journey

Fertility Source Companies - Egg Donation & Surrogacy Consultations

LA IVF - Third Party Reproduction.  The use of donor sperm, donor eggs and surrogacy.  All participants will also quality for a free in-person/clinic consultation (worth $350). They will also receive a $2,000 discount on their IVF treatment.

LifeStart Fertility Center - Infertility & Reproductive Endocrinology

Maybe Baby Tester Sales - Demonstration on How To Use Tester

Nature & Science Medicine - Healthy Nutrition for Sperm and Ovum Consultations

Southern California Reproductive Center - Infertility and Fertility Preservation Consultations

The Surrogacy Center - Consultations on How to Find a Gestational Carrier

Trak Fertility - Consultations on How to Boost Sperm Count

Vorzimer Masserman Fertility and Family Law Center - Surrogacy Law

Fertility Law & Escrow Services - Law & Escrow


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