Be a part of the 2nd Annual American Fertility Expo! 

Speaker presentations are 45 minutes in length.  Your content should be interesting and product agnostic. Seminar sessions are meant to educate attendees on current fertility issues, innovations, challenges and trends only, and we do not accept product-related submissions.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  ParticipatingSponsors and Exhibitors are given first preference for seminar slots.  Applications will be reviewed for approval and notification will be e-mailed within one week.  Speakers who are not able to exhibit will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified in early 2018 if their presentation has been approved.  We reserve the right to accept or deny any presentation based on content, current approved topics, or overall fitness for the show.


What we are looking for when we review the submissions:

  • Is the presenter someone who can credibly address the subject in-depth?
  • Will attendees receive information that is unique, fresh, germane to their interests and challenges, and could not be located easily in some other fashion?
  • Does it sound like it is actually a useful vision or best practices versus a vendor pitch?
  • Relevancy. Does the presentation answer a question the market is struggling with?
  • Is the answer interesting / counterintuitive or does it just address conventional wisdom?
  • Real world application. Does the presentation show that people are really doing this, or is it just in-theory?


If your proposal is selected, we expect you to:

  • Commit to presenting—no last minute switch outs or cancellations.
  • Share your presence at the event with your social networks. Speakers that are active online and help drive attendance are more like to be asked to return to speak again (pending good reviews).
  • Meet all deadlines.
  • Contribute one informational blog post or short video about the content of your session to be posted on AFE Social Media sites.

Be A Speaker