The Value of a Second Opinion in Fertility Care - An Independent View That Can Save You Stress, Time and Money

1:30pm - 2:15pm

Room 209/210

Seminar Summary:   Fertility care is often an emotional, invasive, expensive, and lengthy journey. Before proceeding with the first treatment or when considering an additional treatment after a failed cycle — it is worth exploring a second opinion from a top fertility expert. It can ultimately save you stress, time, and money and optimize your chance of having a baby.

Presenter:  Maja Zecevic, PhD, MPH - Opionato

Biography:  Maja founded the fertility service Opionato after her own multi-year personal experience with infertility. Through Opionato, anyone based anywhere who is experiencing a fertility challenge and/or is starting/undergoing fertility treatment can receive an unbiased, trusted, and affordable fertility advice and initial/second opinion from the very top US fertility experts at anytime from the comfort and privacy of home. The obtained personalized plan—based on evidence-based medical research—helps maximize the chance of having a baby—sooner and with less money spent.  Maja trained as a cancer cell biologist. After completing her translational cancer prevention research fellowships, Maja joined the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in New York. There she served for seven years as the journal’s North American Editor. Maja has also worked as a consultant advising a wide variety of Silicon Valley based health foundations, academic centers, and private entities on evidence-based clinical research, health policy, and access to care.